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Dr. Zong Ling

Dr. Zong Ling is a Senior Software Engineer/Scientist in IBM's Software Group at Almaden Research Center, located in the Silicon Valley of Northern California. He has been working at IBM for more than 15 years with primary focus on performance evaluation of IBM data storage products and cloud storage systems. Dr. Ling engages in customer services globally through troubleshooting storage performance issues, providing technical training classes and publishing IBM whitepapers. He has also presented performance tuning topics on IBM's storage products at IBM's Global e-Business University, Software University, Tivoli Pulse and Tivoli Academy. HIs current interests are in the areas of Cloud Computing Architecture, Service Science, Internet of Things, and Information Technology Service Management. As an IBM University ambassador and evangelist of IBM corporate culture with many years of expertise on information technology engineering and services, Dr. Ling has provided academic lectures locally at StanfordUniversity and the University of California, Berkeley, and also taught credited courses overseas and hosted numerous seminars at China's top universities. In recognition of his contributions to the community, Dr. Ling has been awarded President's Volunteer Service Award for the past 5 years.


Dr. Fei Xue

Dr. Fei Xue is currently a staff network analyst at Google and provides technical leadership on strategic development for Google's global networking infrastructure. He has over 15 years' experiences on large-scale network planning and Internet traffic analysis with a proven track of record of 50+ peer-reviewed publications and 1 US patent, and has served as an invited technical reviewer for 20+ internal journals and conferences. He has extensive experience on technical services and R&D projects for leading Internet service providers, network equipment vendors and US government agencies. Previously, he was an associate professional researcher at University of California, Davis and a senior member of technical staff at Covad Communications. He received his B.E., M.E, and Ph.D from Tianjin University, China, and completed his postdoctoral training from Simon Fraser University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Dr. Xue has played an active role in community services for silicon valley Chinese professional society, and currently serves as vice president of Oversea Chinese Association of High Technology and vice president of Silicon Valley Tianjin University Alumni Association.

Dr. Jing Yang


Dr. Jing yang is an experienced integrated analog circuit scientist in Broadcom Corp. She had gain her working experience through dedicated consulting to several startup companies both in US and in China. Dr. Yang got her B.S from Tsinghua University and her Ph.D from University of California at Berkeley. Her specialty area involves in advanced wireless and broadband communications and emerging applications that target for low power consumption and innovative circuit designs. Dr. Yang was named Management of Technology in China Fellow in 2006 from Haas School of Business at UC-Berkeley. She had been leveraging her experience between US and China both in business and technology advancements.


Professor Samuel Mao


Prof. Samuel Mao is an expert in developing and commercializing energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, as well as the enabling materials and engineering solutions. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in engineering from the University of California at Berkeley and currently, he is director of clean-energy engineering laboratory at the University of California at Berkeley . He has delivered more than 60 invited talks at international conferences and co-organized a number of international conferences in the field of materials science and energy technology. He is also active in technology investment in China , who is currently on the board of directors of several high technology corporations. He is a recipient of 2011 R&D 100 Technology Award.


Mr. Xianchang Zou
Xianchang Zou is a horticulturist. He receivede his M.S degree from Shandong Agricultural University of China and has been working as a horticulturist for about 20 years. Since then he worked in Nut industry for more than ten years and became a Walnut and Almond expert. After receiving his MBA degree from UC Davis, Mr. Zou started management of Almond and Walnut orchard for farmers in California. Mr. Zou is an orchard investment expert. He was a co-writer of several fruit tree culturebooks and a co-writer of a college textbook for the fruit tree major student.

Mr .Fangyu Ding

As the Interim General Manager, Fangyu Ding is in charge of establish AVG (NYSE: AVG) in China market through partnership and technology cooperation. He also started the first office for AVG in 2010 and AVG’s first oversea Virus Research Lab in the same year. Before helping AVG enter China, Fangyu worked at Sana Security as Director of Engineering, a Silicon Valley started-up company in behavior malware detection technology. Sana Security was later acquired by AVG. Before Sana Security, Fangyu worked at McAfee’s Advanced Technology Group as a manager. IBM was the career starting point for Fangyu in USA. Fangyu Ding graduated from University of California, Berkeley Haas Business School holding an MBA degree. He also held a Master of Science in Computer Science from University of Houston. Fangyu Ding has been a technology consultant of the US China foundation for International Exchanges since 2004 and also served as an Overseas Adviser for Haikou City, Hainan, China since 2010.

Dr. Mei Wang

Dr. Mei Wang is the Head of Asia Pacific Research at Cisco based in Silicon Valley. She drives research initiatives, including leading research collaborations and funding research projects, focusing on Asia Pacific. Dr. Wang is also a researcher herself. Her innovative research results have been deployed in multiple networking products, including the world’s largest router CRS, Cisco’s best selling switch Catalyst 6k & Nexus 7k, and VoIP gateways. Dr. Wang contributes regularly to standard bodies and international conferences in network architecture and algorithms. Her areas include network and data center scalability, next generation Internet, routing and addressing. Dr. Wang received her Ph.D. from Stanford University in Electrical Engineering. She is the author of the biography book “Women Executives in Silicon Valley” and was the President of NACSA, a high-tech professional organization with over 4000 members.

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